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GABA Chocolate

This is my first day of this site.

I quickly came up introducing my favorite GABA cholocate.


It has bitter chocolate taste, and milk chocolate taste and good buddy at my work. 

I buy bitter taste (gold package) more than milk taste (red package)

As it introduce in below, this Chocolate' contains relaxation ingredient GABA




I usullly have a few quick bite during my work and take a little break.

Gurico company daily recommends  5 cubes.
But, when I need sugar, I eat a lot of bite especially business translation... ( ´艸`)

・This cholocate cube has a slight coating and difficult to melt.

・ It will keep your hands clean when you pick and bite.

・ Easy to carry package.

・Friendly price.😊


Place to buy: Major convinience store like 

7Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson

Drug store, Grocery Store.

Price: ¥134