Hello. I am TMM. Currently, I live in Japan and I would like to share my Favorite Japanese things in this site. Food, Place, Restaurant, etc.


Once a month or every in a 2 months,

I visit CoCo Ichiban Japanese style curry house.  

It’s casual restaurant and

easy to walk in for single, couple, friend, and family.




Their menu is informing not only for simple curry menu,

but also they have choice of curry spice level,

quantity of rice size and you can add your extra toppings. 

Please inform spice level and quantity of rice size when you order.



They also have seasonal curry menu, too.


・Spice: You can select from mild to Level 10 spice curry.

 Regular spiced curry is good for me. 

・Rice Size:  You can select quantitiy of rice. 

 Their standard size is 300g. I usually select either 200g or 300g.

・Toppings: You can add your extra topping

・Vegitalian Menu: Yes (Only Limited Shops)

・Price: Around ¥1,000. Reasonable. 😃


I also love their salad when I feel like to eat Vegetable.

Last time I visited, I ordered Pork Cutlet Curry with Spinach!



I ordered 300g rice and it was a big lunch for me. 


When I eat, I put Fukujinzuke Pickle on side and 
pour special sauce if you would like, when you eat cutlet.


 This is a great place to try Japanese Style Curry and Rice.